About Us

In the beginning

Back in 2008, my friend Kimo Boy had a real challenge finding shirts that fit. Now, Kimo was one BIG KINE GUY so, this was no easy task!”

So one day, I learned that Kimo drove over 100 miles to Hilo to buy a $45. t-shirt and then drove over 100 miles back to Kona. I asked him about that shirt but, he didn’t want to talk about it. He finally agreed to show it to me and it was butt-ass ugly! I mean, it was so ugly, I’d have to think twice before using it to check the oil on my car (like I check the oil or anything else under the hood of my car). Anyway, I tell Kimo Boy, “Brah, that’s one ugly shirt!” He said, “Yeah, I know but.....it fits.” I thought about this and after a while I said, I think we can do bettah.........way mo bettah! 

And that’s how it began. I came up with the name, a logo and a few designs. I sourced a supplier for the huge blanks I needed and the rest is history. Biggah Mo Bettah is now in it’s 11th year of business and is still in demand by a small but HUGE market of BIG HAWAIIAN HELLCATS! These shirts are designed to be worn by guys who know their way around an “All-You-Can-Eat” buffet table, know great design and comfortable attitude-wear that serves the needs of men who are BIGGER THAN LIFE because like our shirts, our customers are, BUILT FOR COMFORT, NOT FOR SPEED.

Need a BIG ASS shirt? Check our Schedule of Events page and come see us or, contact us at: 808-854-5100 or email at: nava@biggahmobettah.com